Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Watercolour drawings March - May 2020

Broken Time


Keeping a distance

Facing the future


כולנו ריקמה אנושית אחת

Friday, 10 April 2020

Before and After the fait accompli

Jean-Luc Nancy, ‘The Pleasure in Drawing’ (2013, p. 14). Fordham University Press.

The French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy makes a distinction between ‘demonstrative thought’ and ‘monstration’. Demonstration is a gradual process that can be followed step-by-step. On the other hand, monstration ‘puts one … before the fait accompli’. 

Monstration – ‘from wikipedia: "A monstration is a public performance similar to a demonstration, but intended as creative performance art, often parodying a serious demonstration." ... 
the monstration can be seen as a constructed situation that can intervene in existing institutional and public situations.’ From:

According to Nancy, ‘drawing’s “fait accompli” is … the monstration of the form, idea, or thought’.

Performative Drawing April 2020

Friday, 27 March 2020

Two more new drawings March 2020

YNG, Keeping a Distance, Watercolor and pencil on paper, March 2020

ינג, שומרת מרחק, צבעי מים על נייר, מרץ 2020

YNG, Key Worker, Watercolor and pencil on paper, March 2020

ינג, פועלת-מפתח, צבעי מים על נייר, מרץ 2020

Thursday, 26 March 2020

Three new drawings

YNG, Construction Worker, Watercolor and pencil on paper, 59 x 42 cm

March 2020

YNG, Beside Herself, Watercolor and pencil on paper, 59 x 42 cm

March 2020

YNG, Shaking With Fear , Watercolor and pencil on paper, 59 x 42 cm

March 2020

Thursday, 12 March 2020

[Well] Not Being - Collaboration between Anna Makrzanowska and Yonat Nitzan-Green

There was an opportunity to use a shipping container as a studio space as part of Landed project at Loughborough University March 2020. 

I wanted to test a performative drawing, entitled 'Maternal Grid', in collaboration with Anka. 

Specifically I am interested in the quality of elasticity in drawing. 

The drawing is made of graphite powder, latex, threads, fabric and chalk powder. When dry, it is peeled off from the surface on which it is made - a foam sheet similar to a floor padding. Marks and drawings made on this surface with silver ink are transferred to the drawing.

  - Stretching 

  - Birthing

 - Rocking